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Center Stage Players Needs Your Support!

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The wonderful base of volunteers at Center Stage Players, Kidz Kabaret and our parent organization Fair Lady Productions is vital to our ability to successfully carry out our mission to bring the theater to Naperville. Our volunteers provide more than 20,000 service hours each year! For example, key roles such as Costume Director, Office Manager, IT Manager and Grants Coordinator are performed entirely by volunteers.

Most importantly, volunteers help with everything that needs to be done to get our shows off the ground.

Before performances…

  • Older students volunteer as assistants to the director, helping younger students learn lines, staging and choreography.
  • Volunteers helps to sew costumes and build sets.
  • Volunteers help young actors put on their costumes and makeup.

During performances…

  • Volunteers help coordinate actors backstage, ensuring the performance runs smoothly.
  • Volunteers help with ticket sales, concession sales and ushering guests to their seats.
  • Volunteers help with sound and lighting.
  • Volunteers videotape and take pictures of each performance.

After performances…

  • Volunteers help strike sets.
  • Volunteers ensure costumes and props are repaired if needed and properly stored for future use.

Daily volunteer opportunities…

  • Volunteers staff our office, answer phones, process paperwork and provide a professional and friendly face for all of our programs.
  • Volunteers help with marketing, PR and grant writing.
  • Volunteers solicit sponsorships and donations from community businesses and individuals. Several times each year they organize fundraisers, including silent auctions and raffles.
  • Volunteers even help to clean and maintain rehearsal and performance spaces at the Center Stage Theater facility.

Without the tireless effort of these volunteers, Center Stage Players would not be able to deliver the quality and quantity of programming we do today.

Please consider donating your time to us, in any way that you are able. Simply give us a call and let us know how you’d like to help. Have an idea for a way you can help that’s not listed here? Contact us and let’s talk!


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