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Show dates: Dec 22, 2018
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On December 22nd, Fair Lady Productions, Inc. will honor Mary Kerbs, Donna Hadraba & Beth Carter as the fifth recipients of the Kingston Award at Center Stage Theater. The Kingston Award is designed to acknowledge selfless acts, extraordinary people and living life to its fullest potential regardless of what life gives you in return.

Mary, Donna and Beth are some of the building blocks responsible for our theaters success.  All three ladies were our first board members and each of them had a pinnacle role in supporting Fair Lady Productions.  Donna especially has been with us since inception.

Please join us for music, joy, laughter and to honor Mary Kerbs, Donna Hadraba and Beth Carter. Reception will follow. Past recipients of The Kingston Award include Kingston Bowen, Aleks Lazic, Chris Benyo and Susan Love & Family.

For more information, email info@fairladyproductions.net or call 630.355.9212

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