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Premier Theater Troupe

Show dates: Jul 13 - Jul 14, 2017
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Center Stage Players present ONE ACTS featuring “As We Forgive Those” and  “Cotton Girls.”

“Cotton Girls”: Can three girls survive their graduation night stuck on a Ferris wheel? Set in 1959, the Dream Wheel breaks down with Miss, Berry, and Colleen at the very top. The girls are forced into states of sheer terror and self-reflection, as they try to make the most of their last night of high school. Facing such frightening prospects as the real world and the abyss below them, these best friends stretch the fabric of their friendship, eventually becoming closer than ever. Run time: 40 mins
“As We Forgive Those”: When Sophie’s teenage sister turns up at her flat one evening after an absence of four years, Sophie’s suspicions are roused. Why is she there? Where has she been? And how does she know so much about Sophie’s life? Then when Sophie’s roommate Jen arrives home, she recognizes Alex from the previous evening  as the person who mugged her.This tense one-act play for three women about the conflicting bonds of family, faith, and friendship is an ideal choice for students and youth groups. Run Time: 40 mins

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