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Audition Opportunities with Center Stage Players

Center Stage Players focuses on helping experienced actors hone and advance their theatrical and musical skills. This is an advanced study opportunity; we place high expectations on our students, and we demand their full commitments. However, our students gain significant expertise and critical on-stage experience. We are a great stepping stone for teens looking to build their resumes prior to formal college study and professional acting careers.

Upcoming Auditions

Center Stage Players present GHOST BIKE; a play by Laura Jacqmin. Show Dates: October 13 – 15 at Center Stage Theater – Naperville.

Auditions: Center Stage Players fall season is open to High School & College students. Auditions will take place on August 14, 1:30-2:30p and August 15, 3:30-4:30p at Center Stage Theater. Students should prepare/ memorize a 1 minute comedic AND a 1 minute dramatic monologue (2 monologues total)

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About GHOST BIKE: Ora and Eddie fell in love with Chicago on their bikes. But when Eddie is hit by a car and killed, Ora refuses to let him go. Instead, she rides beneath our city to bring him back, facing off against underworld gods and ghosts – some interested in helping her, some determined to get in her way. Chicago culture skitches off of Greek, African, and Chinese mythology, sparking a spirited mash-up of underworld and after-life as seen from the seats of fixies, BMX’s and ten-speeds.


ORA: 18 years old. Tough as nails. Rides a fixed-gear bike. EDDIE’s best friend.

EDDIE: 18 years old. More distractable than ORA – sometimes he has his head in the clouds. Rides a fixed-gear bike. ORA’s best friend.

NURSE (F): an ER nurse.


SATYR (M): a bearded young man of ill repute. Shady. Not sleazy, though – he’s too smart to show that side of himself. Rides a freak bike. (Also plays KING YAMA)

COUNSELOR (M or F): a shrink. Doesn’t ride a bike.

GHOSTS (5 M and F): over-intellectual. All died young. A little bit hipster.

DARK HEL (F): the rotting corpse that rules over Niflheim. Rides a tandem bike.

LIGHT HEL (F): the non-rotting half of Hel. Rides a tandem bike.

OLD GHOST (M): the oldest ghost in Niflheim.

FERRYWOMAN (F): the woman who rows the boat across the River Styx.

SOULS (M and F)

RIDERS (3): BMX riders who guard the gate to Hell.


ALVIN (M): Eddie’s friend in the Underworld. Rides a ghost bike.

CADY (F): Eddie’s friend (and ORA’s competition) in the Underworld. Rides ghost bike.

DATSUE-BA (F): a hag from Buddhist mythology

PERSEPHONE (F): Persephone of the Greek myths. Her clothes are stained with pomegranate juice. She carries a pomegranate with her.

KING YAMA (M): the emperor of the Underworld. (Also plays SATYR)

GHOST ESCORT (M and F): ghost riders exiting the underworld.


Questions? Can’t attend auditions? Email us at info@fairladyproductions.net

To talk with a Center Stage Players director to learn more about our program, please contact us!

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